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Learning a new technique


Hi, I have been playing around with an idea for a while and decided to give it a try. Whew it was kinda demanding .....
For a larger look follow the link .....
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Extraordinary results from an obviously difficult concept! This is a beautiful, beguiling image.

Guest .

Hi Short.

Although I like your shot;) , I do not "believe" it!

Let us have a comparative look at a similar of my pictures.



Obviously, the puicture in the drop appears up-side-down. Your bird does not!

Sorry, I really think yours is a photomontage?!! Isn' it? ;)

Beyond this ... I like it. Shooting a bird through a Water drop, having the perfect focus on the drop and the bird at the same time ... sorry this is an impossible thing to do ... the sunflowers were tricky enough!

See you with nice pictures



Hi, it is an image of a bird I took a while back. I put a print behind the water drop about 6 inches. The hard part was getting the bird in the undistorted part of the drop. I have been trying to get round drops (think dew) but have not come up with a way that is repeatable. The image posted here is very repeatable, it just takes time to set it up.
Take for instance this shot ...

108648583.h4u8kVmO.jpg EDIT MOD: Pictures on our server please! Thanks!

Check out the gallery, the dew drops on page 1 I did outside a while back, repeatable only if there is dew.
Oh .... yes I did have to turn the image upside down to get rightside up for the picture.

Guest .

Hi Short,

please do not post external links to photos! We do not allow this because sooner or later we would have empty and then senseless threads because of dead links as soon as the sources are deleted.
Please upload all image material to our server. I changed that for you.

Beyond that ... I like the shot very much! :) Go on shooting such nice macros.

See you with nice pictures



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Klaus, perhaps you might consider a new nickname, something like "Eagle Eye"? ;)

Sincere regards, Jim R