LEDs in Rolleiflex SL66 e, x, and se viewfinders

Beck Potucek

New Member
Hi everyone. I have been trying to find the answer to this question for days and I have come up with nothing. I will greatly appreciate it if anyone can enlighten me, as I would like to purchase an SL66 and need to decide which model to get.

The original SL66 had no meter in it. This is a question about the SL66 e, x, and se models with built-in light meters.

in pictures of the viewfinder you can see that the little lip which contains the colored LEDs protrudes over the top middle of the square focusing screen. But in some pictures this lip is not there and you can see the entire focusing screen, with nothing in the way. Why is this?

I found a site which incorrectly claims that the SL66x has no meter in it. That is not true. It has flash metering. But, somehow, the picture they show of the viewfinder doesn't have this lip, while their picture of the SL66e does! How is this possible?

I would like to get a model with a built-in light meter, but I don't want some crap obstructing the top of my focusing screen! It seems like this is something that would drive everyone crazy! Is it retractable or something? I just don't get it.

Does anyone know the answer?