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Leica 3542135mm vs Zeiss 2825mm



I have a Contax 2.8/25mm lens that takes incredibly sharp pictures. Does anyone know how the new Leica Zoom 3.5-4/21-35mm stacks up? The MTF curves for the Leica actually look better.


Hi Terrance,

The MTF curves of the Zeiss lenses are measured during normal production (mass production, not only prototypes), the Leica MTF curves are calculated, but NOT measured during the mass production.

Therefore you can not compare both curves for satisfying conclusions.

The Leica R-lens 2.8/35-70 is just one ex&le that sometimes the theoretical image quality, which is also possibles with prototypes and pre-production s&les, is not always possible in mass production.

Leica lenses are excellent, same with Zeiss lenses, but you can not compare the MTF of both.



I had a Nikkor Zoom 24-120. After taking the same photos (in Yosemite) with the Nikkor Zoom 24-120 and the Contax 2,8/25mm, I immediately sold the Nikkor. Not even close! So I was wondering how you might think the Leica 21-35 would compare? Do you think that it would be better than the Nikkor?


New Member
yes, yes
dear Terrance
yes! I used Leica 21-35 more than 1 year and I can say leica 21-35 is much better than nikon 24-120, even if it's a VR version.
Not even close!
Nikon 24-120 is notorious for bad quality.
And it would be fair to compare Leica 21-35 to Nikon 17-35 AF-s.