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Leica CL meter


New Member
sorry for my english.
i'm going to buy a beautiful Leica-CL with its two lenses.
I could test it: unfortunely the meter doesn't work, as the pointer is blocked on the top, but it go down on the middle when i push the button for battery test.
Someone of you had the same problem and can tell me if the repair is possible and convenient?
Thanks for your answer.


Was the meter switched on when you did your test? It switches on when you wind on to the next frame AND the wind on lever is moved away from the body to the 'ready' position. Winding on should bring the cell to its working position in front of the shutter. You should see it if there is no lens on.

Your test shows that the battery is OK and the meter responds to electric current. It sounds as if the problem lies with the photoelectric cell or the meter switch or the connections between them. I guess the switch may be repairable.


Active Member
Sherry Krauter gave me an estimate of about $300 to fix my CL meter. Leica NJ offered $375. I ended up going with Leica because of a long twisted story. The CL is arriving back this week, I'll let you know how it turned out.


Active Member
Ken Ruth (Photography on Bald Mountain--Davenport California) repaired both of my CL's. Seems to know them exceptionally well. Look his number up on the internet and give him a call. His work is excellent--and yes, I know that Sherry Krauter is extremely well known.
Best Wishes,
Jack Swickard