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Leica CL, questions


Active Member
Hi there,
I've just bought a splendid CL with a 40mm, and have a couple of questions:

1- can anyone tell me the exact procedure to test the meter's battery.
(I find 3 to 4 steps diff compared to my gossen)
2- where can I find caps, filters, and lens shade for the lens.
3- the aperture ring is quiet hard to me, is that normal. (is there any way to change that)

Thanks alot,


Active Member
I finaly found and understood the procedure to test the battery. The battery was low, I put anew one and the meter worked for a couple of hours, then the battery went down...
Does that mean that the circuits are out of order, as anyone had this problem ?
Thanks for your help.


New Member
Leica CL

I think you have a problem camera. That battery should last for quite a long time. Mine certainly does, though I don't use it very frequently.

The stiffness of the aperture ring is really dependent on the lens, and if it is exceptionally stiff there is a problem - either needs cleaning or repair, both of which should preferably be done by an authorised repair workshop or at least an experienced person.

Most, though not all, Leica M mount lenses, whether made by Leica, Voigtlander, Zeiss or Cosina, will fit on a CL though anything more than 90mm may be problematic on a CL. Lenses that go too deep into the camera (retractable ones in particular) would also be problematic because of the way a CR's light sensor is located.

- Vikas