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Leica DLux 3


Well-Known Member
I've always been a bit disappointed that we don't have more discussion here.

I've just acquired a D-Lux 3 (my first Leica D, although I've had Leica R for many years) and was hoping to find some feedback.

I know there's a discussion forum over on dpreview, but wonder why Leica owners post there and not here.


New Member
Dear Doc,
I am totally new and had joined this forum and your message was the first one I saw. Like you I had just acquired a D-Lux 3 which is also my first Leica DSLR. I have an analoque Nikon F2As and bought a Leica V-Lux 1 last year. The performance of V-Lux 1 prompted me to buy this present camera. I am writing in so as to support your comments on the lack of feedback on this camera. People like me will definitely benefit from members' experience and comments.


Well-Known Member
Fortunately there are other Leica discussion groups around. I post on dpreview. I've just got a Panny DMC-L1 (twin to the Digilux 3) and got some very useful help there.