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Leica DMR firmware upgrade v12 Good or not


New Member
Friday, I saw the posting of a new firware upgrade for the DMR, version 1.2. It allows one to use 4 GB SD memory cards. This would make it compatible with the new Leica M8 and allows for more storage.

At first, the upgrade process went well. I was able to format and to use a 4GB SD card that gives holds about 200 images of the largest size JPEGs the DMR can make. However, there was one drawback. Once my DMR was updated, it could no longer read images on SD cards formatted under previous versions of the Leica firmware. Those who decide to upgrade to firmware v1.2 should be ready to reformat all the SD cards they will be using.

I shall be interested to see if the new Leica M8 will be able to read images from SD cards formatted with Leica DMR v1.2.

David at Leica USA was not aware of this development.

Has anyone else tried this upgrade? Let me know if you also lost backward compatibility.