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Leica M lens



I recently had the chance, finally, to buy a leica. It is a M2. It didn't have any lens on it so I went to ebay and bought a 135mm hektor. It is heavy but it is a lens I could afford at this time. Is this a good lens ? Is it possible to find a good wide-angle lens that is not too expensive ? If so, which one ?



>Well, contrary to some reports the Hektor really isn't too bad if in good condition, and is good for portraits, motor-racing, boats or planes, or moderate close-ups of flowers. However for a general purpose lens you really need a 50mm Summicron, and perhaps a moderate windeangle 35mm Summicron. Don't worry so much about age, just buy one in good condition (don't worry so much about the cosmetics, it's the optics that matter). Good luck, enjoy your M2! It's a superb piece of craftsmanhip. To get the best results, get a reliable handheld meter such as the Sekonic 308b.


For a not too expensive wide angle I would try a 35mm. Summaron f2.8 without eyes . I think it is an excelent lense. You may find them for arround 300 dollars.


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Jacques you might want to consider an inexpensive Voigtlander 35mm lens, the f2.5 Color Skopar that comes in two versions, the Pancake and the Classic. The Pancake has the best build quality with a knurled brass focusing ring, the Classic uses a tab. The Pancake is discontinued because of the build expense in comparison to the Classic. Both have identical optics, which are excellent. This is a high quality lens, not quite up to the build quality of Leica lenses, but the Pancake in particular is very close. They come in Leica thread mount.

I don't know where you live, but Rich Pinto of is still selling the Pancake at US$189.00. A lens hood is extra at US$29.00 (buy the hood with the lens). They also have the Classic (comes with lens hood) at US$209.00. This lens is very sharp and a delight to use. It uses a 43mm filter size.

[I am not connected with but I did purchase a Pancake lens from them and I'm very happy with it.]


Don't underestimate the great value and quality of the Cosina= Voigtlander lenses in LTM which are usable on your M2 with an= LTM>M adapter. They all may be found at=
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and several other places online and= are about the price of the old classic glass, but they are new= and very well made. I've have the 35/1.7 Ultron and now the more= compact 35/2.5 Skopar. Both are fantastic performers and were= very affordable.


>Somehow, I missed the initial post for this thread, but I think I've got the question figured out. I've been using a 50 1.5 CV lens exclusively on an M4 and get great results. Certainly it is a better lens than any of the Leica "masters" ever had. Irwin Puts even likes it better than most Leica 50's. I would assume that CV's 35's are of the same quality. If you really want a Leica lens, I've got a nice Leica 35 1.4 I don't use much. ( Good luck. >


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I have a Leica M7 and 35mm f2 Asph Summicron-M. A absolutely love it, and am taking a lot of film and scanning it in within the hour (I also have an EOS 10D and another digital).

I want to buy a 90mm 72 Asph Summicron lens. The issue is, that I prefer wide angle, and bought a 0.58 M7 to use that - it will still be my favourite lens. Will the 90mm focus OK on the 0.58? I looked at one in a shop, and would frame with only the little rectangle in the centre. I can cope with that, and seem to be able to focus accurately.

Before I waste a small fortune, till the 90mm be OK?