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Leica M6 35mm Summicron 90mm ElmaritM


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Last week in the South of France, I had my M6 and lenses stolen. Obviously I'm very keen to make it as hard as possible for the thieves to profit from my loss (particularly since the insurance isn't going to pay out).

If you come across the following equipment for sale, please don't buy it - also please notify me so I can inform the relevant authorities.

Leica M6 (Non-TTL, Leitz) - Serial: 1666089

Leica 35mm/f2 Summicron (Generation IV, Canada) - Serial: 3145949

Leica 90mm/ 2.8 Elmarit-M (last version) - Serial: 3860277

Thanks! I'm sure you agree it's in everyone's interest to try and make it difficult for theives to profit from stealing our hard earned gear.

I'm also desperate to replace this gear as I use it every day. If you come across particularly a 35mm Summicron of generation IV, please let me know - everyone seems to have bought them for M8s!