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Leica R4 & Lenses


New Member

Around 11-12 years ago I have received a Leica R4 as a gift. I am not a photography expert but I have used this camera for a little while but didn't touch it for a long time. I have checked it couple months ago and the body was giving me troubles. I can't get it fixed and now I am trying to sell the lenses and couple of accessories that came along with it.

There is one Leitz Summicron-R 1:2/50 Lens, Leitz Extender-R 2x, Minolta 55mm Polarizing Filter, Leitz Motor Winder, and also the body itself it anyone would be interested! Everything is in good condition, only the motor winder have little paint chips on the body and that's it!

I know it's a very high quality camera for professionals and I am really sorry it ended up in a rookie's hand like mine.

Anyone would be interested or if not interested would you please let me know how much they'd be worth around? Thanks.