Leica R6 vice the R62



I have the R6 as well as the R5 and was wondering if anyone knows the real difference, besides the obvious higher shutter speed, etc, between a R6 and R6.2? What are the differences in the "innards" of the two cameras...not mention the substantial difference in price? Thanks, and if needed you can email me at HPC47@aol.com



The entire shutter mechanism on the R6.2 was redesigned, which resulted in not only the higher speed (1/2000 against 1/1000) but also a quieter mechanism.

The exposure counter also featured a maginfier, meaning it was easier read.

And a little '.2' appeared next to the '6' on the model name at the front... and that's about it really!

I have the R6.2 and I think it was a pity Leica stopped making it.