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Leica R6 vice the R62



I have the R6 as well as the R5 and was wondering if anyone knows the real difference, besides the obvious higher shutter speed, etc, between a R6 and R6.2? What are the differences in the "innards" of the two cameras...not mention the substantial difference in price? Thanks, and if needed you can email me at



The entire shutter mechanism on the R6.2 was redesigned, which resulted in not only the higher speed (1/2000 against 1/1000) but also a quieter mechanism.

The exposure counter also featured a maginfier, meaning it was easier read.

And a little '.2' appeared next to the '6' on the model name at the front... and that's about it really!

I have the R6.2 and I think it was a pity Leica stopped making it.