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News Leica resurrects the CL


Leica has resurrected the CL - this time in digital form, along with a positively tiny 18mm f/2.8 lens for it.

The CL has an APS-C format sensor, so the 18mm Elmarit-TL ASPH lens is equal in field of view to 27mm on a full frame camera.

Here is a link to Leica's CL web page:
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Here are a few specs for the CL:
  • 24 MP CMOS sensor and Maestro II image processor
  • Electronic viewfinder (2,36 MP) with 0,74x maginfication
  • Electronic shutter up to 1/25,000 sec (until 1/8.000 sec mechanical)
  • Contrast AF with 49 AF sensor elements
  • Sensitivity ISO 100 – 50,000
  • Serial speed 10 fps
  • 4k Video at 30 fps, Full HD 60 fps
  • WiFi / Remote operation via App
  • UHS II compatible


Active Member
Too expensive for what it is. I really doubt it can be better than a Fuji X-T2, a Pentax K3-II or even a Panasonic GH5 (specially on video)


Leica was always more expensive than similar products with similar capabilities. What made for me personally the CL a disappointement is the user experience with the CL. It does not feel and look like a Leica.

IMHO this is the only reason why people buy Leicas, if the competition is offereing the same or better image quality. If that feeling is not there, there is no point in buying this product at a multiple of the price. A Fuji X-E3 might be a better option in that case.


Active Member
I still have some very good Leica glass in R-Mount to play with, specially the excellent 35-70 Makro Vario Elmar F4. It's a zoom lens but it can beat most of the primes I know. The 28/2.8 Elmarit was also excellent and the 100/2.8 Apo-Makro-Elmarit was the best macro I've ever used. But to be honest, the Sigma 70mm EX DC Macro is in the same performance level. I simply can't tell you just by looking if I used one or the other.

I like the Leica lenses that Panasonic puts in their compacts, the LX100 one is superb for the price tag.

But honestly I wouldn't spend any money on any Leica body. I would invest in lenses for other systems. Leica digital bodies are just fetish nowadays, no matter how good they are.