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Leica spare parts


Active Member
Hello there !

Here is the story : I have (had), a beautiful 1:2 , 50mm summicron black paint made in Canada. Unfortunately the aperture ring stopped working... I sent it to Leica who answered that this was un-repairable, as the aperture cage was broken and is not available anymore for this model !!!

Before I put my lens to the trash, I checked it by my-self, and saw that the helicoid ring, (which actualy open and closes the aperture plates), inside the cage is broken, and cannot anymore operate the plates properly.

Well, my questions are :

what would you do ?
Is there a place where I can find that part ?
Is Leica going MacDonald ? (no, I'm kidding)

Thanks for your comments, cheers.



New Member
> [Post or send me some descriptive pictures. I can be interested to > purchase your lens, also broken, and to pay it well... Ciao, Luigi