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Leica Summicron 90 f2 Canada made


New Member
Dear all,

I am near here and just bought this lens recently. A curious question is, there is no serial no. nor other characters like 'Leitz Summicron' etc. on the lens as shown attached. Is this a mysterious production ? According to it's serial no. given on the box, it should be type II and weight around 650g.

Thanks for any hints.



Well-Known Member
I have an early Canadian Leitz 90mm Summicron.
I believe that the s/n is not clearly visible as in other lenses and what's more, the aperture ring goes from wide to small aperture in the REVERSE direction previously established by Leitz!!
I'll check on it tomorrow and get back to you.
The version you're showing would also be adaptable to the Visoflex.You can unscrew the lens from its helical focussing mount. What is the s/n on the box? Does this use a Series V11 filter?


New Member
Hi Colin,

The serial on the box is 2151013. And there is one more picture for the front lens element with detachable lens hood removed.

Many many thanks for your help.