Leica Vario Elmaron P2 85150mm zoom barrel diameter


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Does anyone know the barrel diameter of the Leica vario elmaron P2 85-150mm lens. I've been cruising around some Leica site but don't seem to be able to find the barrel diameter of this lens. I was thinking of getting one to use on an Optikinetics Solar 250, but obviously I need to know if it'll fit. Any info, comments?


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Leica vario elmaron P2 85-150mm lens>


I don't have that lens, do you know what projectors it will fit? I would expect the outside diameter to be the same as other Leica projection lenses.

Let me know and I will measure my lens.




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Thanks Gilbert, but I now have the answer. The barrel diameter is 43mm. It is for a P series projector I believe. So .5mm larger than an Opti solar lens.