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LeicaLeitz Visoflex M39 Lens To Pentax 645 Body Adapter


New Member
I've seen a Leica/Leitz Visoflex M39 Lens To Pentax 645 Body adapter available but not sure it would work on my camera. I have an antique - an Leica IIIa. I also have a Pentex IST DS - which is what I would want to fit my Leica's lenses on. I don't think this item will work for my lenses but my husband seems to think it will. Any advice?


> I would like to swap the 50mm Summicron for two of mine Voigtlander wides, the Ultron 1,7/35mm and Super-Wide Heliar 4,5/15 + cca 150 Euros. The Heliar looks almost new, the Ultron's barrel shows some use, but the lenses are perfect behind a B+W filter.If the seller is in the EU, it would ease the transaction, but I am willing to deal outside the EU too. Rudolf Klein,