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Leitz 135 TeleElmar f40



Just a curiosity... aside from the general belief of some M-users that a focal length of 135 is not suitable for M-cameras, I'd like to know what others think about the 135 Tele-Elmar f4.0 lens. I understand that it hasn't been changed (optical design-wise) in many years (with the exception of the current f3.4 version.)

Secondly, do most users find this lens easy to focus with? I know it would be easiest to focus using the .85 vf but my M6 comes with the .72 version. I also wear bi-focal lenses in my glasses.

TIA for all constructive comments.



Dear H.D.C.
I have a very old, beat-up Tele-Elmar (1967 or so) and I find it excellent and easy enough to focus on the M3 (which has a 0.91x viewfinder). I think 135mm is useable, but I agree it feels awkward to have to compose the picture in the smal 135mm frame. The 135mm Elmarit 2.8 with "eyes", which is bigger, heavier and, reportedly, an inferior lens, is easier to use (viewfinder-wise) for me.
If you like the 135mm focal length, it is worth having. The old ones in user condition are not very expensive.



Hi Juan,

Thanks for the comment... indeed, I'll be having to work hard at getting the image into sharp focus.

My 135 Tele-Elmar arrives tomorrow morning and I'll be putting it onto a camera right away. Good thing the wekend is coming up. :>)



For 135mm, with any Leica other than the M3, I recommend the 12004 Viewfinder-Magnifier-M 1.25x


135 4.0 is a very good lens, almost APO. Nice on an M3. I use with 135 BL on .72 cameras.