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Lens advice



I am looking to buy a D70 over the next month or two (waiting for a pay cheque). I've been using a Canon D60 up to this point and have been generally happy with it, however it has serious buffer problems, an AF issue or 2 etc..
The store I bought the D60 from will let me upgrade to a 10D for my camera + £800. But for the same amount I can get a D70 and keep my old D60. Depending on how things work out I can later sell the D60+ lenses etc on ebay which will allow me to buy more lenses etc - but thats for the future.
I've read a few reviews about the D70 and wanted a bit of advice about lenses.
My local store has 2 kits available as well as just the body.

Nikon D-70 Body Only Price: £799.95
Nikon D-70 + Nikkor AF28-80mm f/3.3-5.6 G Price: £849.95
Nikon D-70 + Nikkor 18-70 f/3.5-4.5 G Price: £999.95

Are these lenses any good? I generaly shoot portraits/nudes and with my Canon and I tend to stick within the 28-150mm range.
I've read about the Nikkor AF 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 D-IF and can't decide if people like it or not

I could also stretch to the Nikkor AF- S24-120 mm f/3.5-5.6 G VR IF-ED if pushed but can't seem to find a good review of it.

any help is appiciated!


I have the D70 with the 18-70 lens and that's the configuration I would recommend for you. It is quite a good lens. Fast focus (AFS), good zoom range (35mm equivalence of 27-105), the only downside might be some barrel distortion (quite similar to the 24-85g by the look of things).

The 28-80g isn't as good as the 18-70 optically. You'll have to research more into it if you really want it.

I own the 28-105D for my F80, which I found very versatile. Focus speed is fairly average, but the zoom range is great, and little distortion. Not the sharpest lens either but it's a zoom afterall.



Ian - I too own the 28-105D and find it to be the most used of all my lenses. I use it on a D70, D100 and N90S. I would recommend this lens for anyone looking for a good all around, versatile lens. I also use the Nikkor 70-300mm, 50mm and Sigma's 17-35 & 170-500 lenses. I built my system with the thought that I have most of the situations I would be shooting, covered...


[What would you recomend for achieving the best quality when shooting =


thanks for the info

looks so far to be the kit with the 18-70 that might be the best for me.