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Lens Cap DisOrder



Last week, I purchased the metal hood and 55-86 ring to go with my new 28/f2.8 lens from B&H. I wanted to order the metal lens cap, but B&H did not have a catalog listing for it (SKU
2327503, CONTAX 99 mm Metal Slip-On Lens Cap, K-94), so I decided to try the Yashica “Store” at
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. I had thought that I could surely get a cap from that store quicker than from B&H. I am regretful now that I did not ask B&H to order one for me, to wit: Not only am I now paying full list price for the lens cap (= US$35), $10 for shipping & handling (UPS Ground service), and US$3 Illinois sales tax, but I also have to wait until after November 28, which is the date on which the lens cap will be delivered to the Yashica Store! I had checked my order status on the Yashica Store web page, but the page was incomplete (not up-to-date) and was only informed of the Store’s lack of lens cap inventory when I emailed an inquiry to them this week.