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Lens Cleaning


From I found a link to an excellent lens cleaning kit from Zeiss. I had to get a friend to call them in Germany (Fotto Huppert is the company selling the kit) as I couldn't work out how to buy the kit from the site. It arrived only a couple of days later.

You get two cloths, a brush and some noxious smelling fluid.

All my lenses are now in tip-top condition. Very pleasing. I even put on some very thin plastic gloves when cleaning because by handling the cloth directly you transfer loads of grease from your sweat onto the cloth.

I highly recommend this kit and now have two more on the way for friends.


BTW - it is designed for T* coatings.


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Yep, I have been using the Zeiss kit for a year.
It is the best cleaning solution and clothes available in the market. I ordered mine from the same people in Germany. It doesn't leave residual stains on the lens like other products. It gives a professional factory finish to the surfaces. Thumb up to Zeiss!!



i should be interested too

i have a new planar 50mm 1.4 and a second hand distagon 28

that lens is still very good but the white numbers on it became rather yellow...

do you think the zeiss kit can help not only for the glass but also for the metal

thanks a lot