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Lens coatings


New Member
Anybody know what the deal is with some of the G lenses when it comes to coatings? I've had 2 45's with a reddish hue over the rear element--and I'd swear that this warmed up highlights on me. Same with a 28 and a 35. 28 I'm currently using has no reddish hue, but is more neutral. Once on e-bay, I saw a 28 being sold and a remark that it was one of the ones with the reddish coating. Anybody have any idea about this?


Hi Dino,

different coating colours on the same typ of lenses are quite usual. In the C/Y System for ex&le, there were several colours on the Sonnar 2.8/135 over the years. I possess three different coatings on my three Sonnar 2,8/85 AE Germany. All give beautiful pictures of the same colour.

Mr. Beder from Zeiss Germany told me:
this is not because of different recipes, or the need of differnt glas meltings, but the produktion tolerance of the process with the thin multi layer T* coating. The human eye can detect little differences in the coating films long before there is an effect on the picture.

regards, Stefan Irmler