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Lens Compatibility


New Member
I've got a camera bag full of old manual ai and non ai lenses that I use for night time astrophotography. I'd like to buy a D40 and switch from film to digital. My question is, will the D40 match up to my old lenses? If not, is there a way to make them compatible? I'm not at all concerned about the metering as most of the exposures are several minutes long and I will work that out by trial and error. Thanks in advance. I hope I've put this question in the right forum.


Well-Known Member
With the D200 and above, the old AI-S lens give you full colour matrix metering. With the D40, you are back to a hand-held meter. Of course, you do have the instant replay to confirm your exposure. The manual goes into considerable detail, and can be downloaded in .pdf format from the Nikon site.

There is also a good chart showing compatibility at
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I use some of my old Nikon F lenses with my D100. Most fit ok but some= stuck into the camera a hair too much and I had to file about a 1/32 or a= 1/16 of an inch of the lens that sticks into the camera or it would bind but= a camera repair shop I understand will adopt the lenses to fit. Just make= sure that when you try it in the D40 you very carefully remove any file= particles or they will end up on the sensor.