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Lens Creep


New Member
Hi. Everyone. Just joined the forum, having recently invested in the 10-20mm and 18-200mm. Both great lenses. My question is about the lens lock on the 18-200. How,when and why do I use it and who is this lens creep I keep hearing about?. Also the manual says not to use Optical Stabilizer on a tripod. Why would this be?
Thanks for any advice.


Active Member
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Lens creep is when a lens extends or contracts under its own weight, usually when pointed up or down. If you set the zoom lock, the lens will not zoom regardless of how the lens is pointed.

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Image stabilization works by counteracting movement due to shaking. If there is no shaking, the system might still add a little movement trying to stabilize what is already stabilized, making things worse, not better. More advanced stabilization systems can detect when they're on a tripod. Also note that some tripods aren't all that steady (particularly in a windy environment), and using a stabilizer while on a tripod can sometimes be a good thing.


A sipmle rule: Use the lens lock while you do NOT use the lens.
I.e. during transport or if stored.
The lens lock only can be activated if the lens is fully retractet.