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Lens problem. It's got stuck !

Hi all,

I'm just writing this, in the hope to get a useful tip. I use the SD14 with the 18-50 2.8 lens. I made a photo of a piece of paper laying on the table, so the lens was facing down. Suddenly the zoom ring got locked. First I thought I'd locked the lens, but that was not the case. It feels like one part of the lens internally got stuck prohibiting the lens to move in and out. When I try to change the zoom settings you can actually see that it is not moving straight.

Any tips ? Can I open the lens and see what's wrong ? Or do I really need to send it in... ?

I can imagine a lens getting stuck while bungee jumping, skiing or whatsoever. But not while holding the camera still.

Any suggestions, are most welcome.

Thanks !!


Well-Known Member
Scooby-Doo - as long as there is no damage to the lens...I would send it in...that lens has a 5 year warrantee with reciept...let Sigma fix it and send it back to you...I would call the New York number and send it to where ever they want you too...for warrantee work..

Opening the lens you can probably do...but if you mess something void the warrantee....

Also, while there tell them to spec-it-out....just in case....due to the lens sticking...something might have shifted...

Good Luck and keep-us up to date on it...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:
Thanks for the quick reply !

The wonderful world of warranty has begun. Standard factory warranty, as they say, is 1 (ONE) year !!!

The store where it's bought extends standard to two years. And, as you will always see, it's a bit over two years old, little less then two and a half.

I contact Sigma Benelux, and they say it could have been extended to three years (for FREE) when the lens has been delivered through the official distributor for NL (netherlands/holland), but I should have had done that within some XX days after buying.

Well, after telling the story, I could send it in for repair, and they will judge wether they will fix it in warranty or not. So, today I send it in for repair, and they will let me know. Fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted !


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Good LUck with long as you have the reciept...I don't think they should have a least here in the US they don''s only when you don't have a reciept...when you know you have to pay...:z02_deal:
Good news, they repaired it for free. I was not told what the problem was exactly, but at least it is solved.

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