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Lens repair



1. Where do people send their Zeiss lenses for repairs? I live in the US.

2. My 50/1.7 has a loose aperture ring. Sometimes, when I turn the ring, the camera body (167MT) does not recognize the change in aperture. I presume this is simply because the aperture ring is loose. It feels loose compared to my 28/2.8 and zoom aperture rings. How can I repair this? Can I do it myself?


[It is more likekly the body. Check if the aperture pin aligns well with the ring inside the body....]



I would highly recomend a camera repairman in Bridgewater CT. His name is Marc Isolda. His address is:
Marc Isolda
162 Blueberry Hill Rd.
Bridgewater CT. 06752
Tel. 860-350-5357
He works a a lot of Leica and Zeiss equipment. He is one of only a few repairmen recomended by the Zeiss Historical Society. He is German, and does excellent work. A lot of correspodents use him.
He is also great on Rolleis.

Good luck, Bill Hayden



Well-Known Member
Hi, the headquarter Germany/Oberkochen for YC and Hasselblad is:

Helmut Bajerke
Service Manager
fax: ++49 7364 20 4716

They want you to send in your lens to give repair cost estimates.