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Lexar Reader Not Reading Olympus 256MB xD Cards


New Member
Own C-5050. Using Olympus brand xD cards. Just purchased Lexar Multi-Card Reader (RW018, Rev A) which is supposed to read xD format (reads 7 formats in all). Running on Mac G-4 OS 10.2.4. The reader always recognizes the 32MB card that ships with the C-5050, but will not read my Olympus 256MB card. Does not recognize it irrespective of rebooting, unplugging and replugging the USB cable. Checked the Apple Sytsem Profiler and the OS does recogize the reader (device).

Have no problem reading the card with the camera connected.

Have any of you experienced a problem like this with a reader? Any ideas or issues using xD cards and readers?

If I return it, do you have a card reader to recommend to me that will work reliably irrespective of card capacity?

Thanks! Lloyd...


My 5050 is new to me this week so my experience is low. Is the 256 mb card a dX or cf? I got the same results using a reader, nothing from the cf but good pics on the dX. Found out all pics were going onto the dX as it seems cf must be picked each time the camera is put on, not like my 2500 which stays put until I change it. I'm using a Delkin.