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Hi everybody,

I just pushed the sources of a new lib to decode x3f raw files on github.
The lib is meant for use under Linux, and depends on libjpeg-8.
It comes with a simple demo program (GTK based) displaying the thumbnail, the preview and the raw (uncorrected) image as RGB, and each of the RGB channel as greyscale image.
The lib is based upon Dave Coffin's dcraw code for the decoding of earlier SD9/10/14 and Roland Karlsson's x3fTools for the later SD15/SD1/DP1/DP2.
No interpolation is done so far, the raw image is not in the sRGB colorspace, thus it looks very grey and undersaturated.
I would like to get some feedback, so an interpolation algorithm could be done.
The repository is to be found here:
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