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Linear Polarizer and Lens Hoods


Well-Known Member
Hello, does anyone know if it is ok to use a lens hood (GG-1) with a heliopan linear polarizer. I think i remember reading that contax advise not using hoods with their circular polarizers but am not 100% certain. I will be using the polarizer on the 35-70 zoom.


Shouldn't be a problem from a vignetting standpoint, and I can't imagine that whether the filter is a polarizer or not is an issue--there just needs to be adequate threading in front to mount the hood to, something that's not always there on a polarizer.

FWIW, the Gs don't require a circular polarizer, an inexpensive linear works fine as well.



Well-Known Member
hi rick,

thanks for that input, i was worried about the possible vignetting. i do have a linear polarizer - the heliopan one i mentioned in the thread and the hoods screws into it just fine. i've not really used a polarizer before but i am in india at the moment and thought a polarizer would due justice to the incredible range of colours out here.