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Linhof Technika 70 65x9cm for sale

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For sale: Linhof Technika 70. Lenses: Technikon 2.8/100mm, WW Technikon 5.6/58mm and Tele Technikon 4.5/180mm. 5 double cassetes and 2 super rolex (6.5x9 and 6.5x7). Set of original Linhof filters, angle-mirror viewfinder, linhof sonnenblende, all in alu-case with papers, passport and in excelent condition. Very little used. None of the parts has a single scratch. Apsolutely factory condition. Price: 3200 euro.
Possible change for Medium format camera with set of 3 lenses (Contax 645, Rollei or Hasselblad). For further information please contact me at andrej77@ptt.yu