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List of lenses compatible with Canon EOS 5D


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Does anyone know whether there is a list of Contax/Yashica lenses that are compatible with the Canon EOS 5D Mark 1.


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Not as such, but there are warnings in the instructions for the German-made adaptor I bought.

For the 5D it listed the following:
Distagon 15mm f3.5
F-Distagon 16mm f2.8
Distagon 18mm f4 and MM
Distagon 28mm f2.8
Distagon 28mm f2 and MM
Tessar 45mm f2.8 and MM

I also found problems with the aperture pin being too long for the Canon Eos 10D with the following lenses:

60mm Macro Planar
Mutar I

and you can't fit the Auto Bellows as the pentaprism overhang doesn't allow the bayonet mount to be twisted into place.



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What I found

I found that with some lenses the mirror fails to reset when the shutter is released, it fails on my 50mm F1.7 AE but works on my 50mm F1.4 AE. the focus confirm adapters don't appear to support F1.7 anyway. It works with a Yashica ML 35mm F2.8, and the ML 200mm F4. but fails with the DSB 28mm F2.8.