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Little Venice in London .....

Guest .

Hi All,

it is hard to believe ... but Venice ... at least "Little Venice" is something you really can have in the Citiy of London UK.

So .... let us have a closer look, where to find this LITTLE VENICE in a world metropolis Britain's capital, which stands for very many different things than anything similar to Italy's Venice ....:)

sample 31.JPG

Here we are!

London's Regent's canal goes back to star architect John Nash (also responsible for the Buckingham Palace) who finished it in 1801 to have a transport link to the River Thames

How to get there .... easily .... with London's Tube ..... Central Line and off the coach at Paddington Station ....:)

sample 1.JPG

Just a few corners later, you reach the Regent's Canal ...

sample 2.JPG

sample 3.JPG

sample 4.JPG

Following the canal you soon reach this nice place called Little Venice ...

sample 6.JPG

sample 7.JPG

sample 8.jpg

... to be continued

Guest .

... still Little Venice ....

sample 9.jpg

sample 10.jpg

sample 11.jpg

Then leave Little Venice and follow the Regent's Canal which is a nice footwalk.

sample 12.jpg

sample 13.jpg

sample 14.jpg

sample 15.jpg

sample 16.jpg

On your way you pass a very nice place called "Primrose Hill". It is worth to climb it, since you have a wonderful view over London from there.

to be continued ......

Guest .

Primrose Hill now .....

sample 17.jpg

sample 18.jpg

All right ... back to Regent's Canal then and following it up to Camden Market ......

sample 19.jpg

sample 20.jpg

Camden Market is surely one of London's most colourful, most interesting and most lively places.

It is British, Asiatic and Oriental at the same time ... really multicultural ... :)

sample 21.jpg

sample 22.jpg

sample 23.jpg

sample 24.jpg

to be continued .....

Guest .

Camden Market ....

sample 25.jpg

sample 26.jpg

sample 27.jpg

sample 28.jpg

sample 29.jpg

sample 30.jpg

sample 33.JPG

sample 34.jpg


London is such a multi-faceted place ... always worth visiting. Once you have seen all the well known landmarks then take your time to find out the city's secrets. I have been to London an innumerable number of times now ... again and again it is a fascinating place to visit!:)


I had both of them hanging around my neck ... SIGMA SD9 (10-20mm EX DC) and my SD14 (18-200mm DC OS). So I did not have to change lenses all the time ... which I find annoying sometimes.

See you with nice pictures



Hi Klaus,
your pictures are quite different to those from "normal" tourists.
I like the two showing the inside of the shops.
I whish, I could have joined you.
hope to see more nice shots.