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Logitech remote control and SD14


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Today I needed to take some mirror-up shots with my SD14. The problem was that I had to use an shutter-release cable or a remote control. So, I've had a spark! I own an Logitech Harmony One remote control so... got the picture. I've launched the remote's application to configure it, but no camera is listed in the application. The remote has a "learning" system which clones other remote's signal but I don't have a SD14 remote to clone.
So, now comes the big question: did any of you succeeded in using other's equipment's (TV, VCR etc) remote with SD14 so I could set it into my remote?

Stereotype P.S.: Sorry for my english!


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Interesting :)

No, i have not tried it...but now i am inclined to do so! Also, if it interests you, i came across a RF remote controller for the Sigma SD14 on Ebay.

If you are interested, i can look it up for you and send you the link.

Stay well.


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ok, but...

Yes, thanks, I know there are remotes for sale, but the whole point is to make it work with other remotes (like Harmony).


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What's the point of cloning a RS-31 when you need to have one to begin with ?

I have a RS-31 and rarely use it since you need to be in front of the camera, in view of the lens, to use it.

I have also looked into what the RS-31 transmits, just a short burst and then nothing until the button is depressed a second time.

I have a RF remote which is great for close or distant control from anywhere around the camera.


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Well Steaphany, the point is that I asked if someone found a remote of another home appliance which uses the same IR signal code as RS-31's so that I could find it in Logitech's database, so, no need to have one. And, that's exactly my point (you have to use it front facing) so, if I won't use it so often, why bother buy one. If I'll clone it, ok! If I won't, it's ok too... Just that I'd like to do it.