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Looking for a Digital DSLR for my Contax Glass


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After looking for ultra wide angle options on my Nikon D70, they also seem to have distortion issues. I'm think of changing plans and selling it all and buying a Canon 5D (with 24-105 L IS), so that I can also use my collection of CZ lens from my RX.
I have the following, all MM type
18mm F4
28mm F2.8
50mm F1.7
85mm F2.8
135mm F2.8
80-200mm F4

Any of these pose a problem on a 5D, plus I see now there are adaptors which allow focus confirmation and extra metering to be used. Any recommendation of the best adaptor to use.

Would appreciate some comments from those you done this already, before I splash out


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> I have a 5D with the 24-105 f4 and like it very much. Use my 85 f2.8 and my Schneider 28mm Superangulon shift lens that I had a C/Y mount on for my RX. The adapter with focusing seems to work well although I think it is sort of fragile, at least the part with the contacts. I had a Chinese one and the contacts came off. I like the full frame and the low noise at high ISO. I am only an intermediate hobbysist. The size of the 5D is also reasonable, only somewhat bigger than most Contax SLRs. Of course if they had made a full frame digital G2 - but you can't have everything. Stan


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5D is probably the best dSLR in the market now for the price. The files are so clean especially with hi-ISO.

You can get a Zeiss N17-35, and convert it for the 5D with full AF and Av control. There is a conversion site in a differnt thread which I don't have the vendor URL on hand.

N17-35 is the best ultra wide zoom in the world. I still enjoy using it with my ND.

25-105L is a pretty good lens for 5D, good range and lite.


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Thanks for the feed back guys, well I bought the 5D, with 24-105, and a Sigma 17-500 (the Canon 100-400, was to big, expensive, and awkward to use )...
I also have a mount adapter, with the contacts, and using my 80-200 it's great, beep confirmation on focus, and seems so at home on the body.

Problem though, 18mm lens......
It seems to cause the shutter to fire twice, and has an error message on the top screen....the second firing last about a second or so, and no image is recorded.

There looks to be enough depth, but I can only think something is catching the mirror !!!!.... Are all mounts the same thickness I wonder, I've ordered another branded mount to try....
So wanted the 18mm to work... I'll test the rest of my lenses to night.

N17-35 seems rare, I have the conversion site, 399 dollars for a conversion. Was tempted by a 70-300 but seems over 200mm the focus is slow.


The conversion for the 17-35 N is $699 ... mine's going in tomorrow. I believe Central Camera has at least one 17-35 N available. It's where I got mine, new.


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Ah yes I had the other lens prices in mind, for me it makes it more likely I'll end up buy in a Canon 17-40 L.... as the cost of buying and converting a 17-35N is going to a lot more....

Had a look over at the Canon section of the forum, found a thread with a useful link, an archived thread, but still answers my 18mm lens issue.
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It states the 18 MM is not compatible, as the mirror will catch the lens, the AE version should be OK. Luckily I haven't marked my 18MM version :eek:
Shame I didn't find this out before buying the 5D !!!
A slightly thicker mount would do it, and focus to infinity I think would not be an issue on such a wide lens, as the depth of field/focus would reach far enough.


Be ready to lower your expectations with the 17-40 L ... I ended up giving my away to a close friend as a birthday present (he's got a 20D).


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Thanks for the warning, I will look out for one, and perhaps see what the new 16-35 L lens is like....

Done some more mount testing as follows:-

All lens are the MM type and work perfectly on a Contax RX

18mm f4 Mirror catches but returns with error
28mm f2.8 OK
35mm f2.8 OK
50mm f1.7 Mirror held up
85mm f2.8 Mirror held up
135mm f2.8 OK
80-200mm f4 OK

Conclusion mount is to thin, measures 1.42mm thick.



Active Member
I too have just purchased a 5D, and have sent in my 17-35N, 24-85N, and 70-300N to Conurus for conversion. They are currently going through customs. I am very excited.
Best wishes,


Jack, what's been making me paranoid is that USPS will only insure to Canada for $650 ...


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Thanks Stephen,

The test results are interesting.

And please help me out a bit. Which adapter for C/Y to Canon is best? There are so many on Ebay and elsewhere, it's hard to keep track



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> Keeble & Shuchat in Palo Alto California is my pro store. Very reliable. They have several high end Contax Zeiss Germany lens for sale. A 100/2 West German, 28-85 zoom, 28/2 west german. And a 60/2.8 macro. Check them out on Google, etc. I am not affliated with them. Just a long term customer. Stan


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Exactly where I started, so I looked for one with the lock and the electrical contacts for focus confirmation, then price.

I have another on order, so will repeat the test and measurements when I have it.... I wait on a reply from the supplier of the first mount, pictured.

28-85N are plentiful and cheap in Europe, unlike 17-35......

Hell I'm tempted to try an N1 system !!!...... Film is some much easier than all this hassle...and maybe cheaper !


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>Stephen, Keep us posted on your results. And I agree about film being less of a hassle than the conversion for N and C/Y lenses.

I/m still shooting film in my N1, NX, Aria, & S2 Other bodies, not so much any more Dave