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Looking for a good Pictbridge Printer for Maxxum 7 D Digital Camera


New Member
I have been trying to shop online for the best printer for my Digital SLR Maxxum 7 D Camera. Which will except my PictBridge Memory Card from the camera. Looking for Someone who can point me to the right Printer. I belive its a stand alone system. I have been looking but nothing pinpoints that I can use it with my camera. Thanks


As far as I am aware most printers that will accept a Compact-Flash card, will read the card that you are using in your Maxxum 7D. Also "PictBridge" enabled printers are commonplace these days and will connect to your camera with the lead that was in the Maxxum 7D box.
I am using a Canon iP600d, and can connect either with the lead, or with just the card. It is a full size (A4) printer but is stand-alone, it also has a little preveiw screen.
Hope this helps.


New Member
Great.. Thank you for the info.. I am looking forward to a great year with my new camera. And printing great photo's for sharing ect.. Thanks again Pete.. have a great year..