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Looking for info on Lens Hood Compatability


New Member
I'm looking for a lens hood for my Minolta 28-70 F2.8 G lens - I bought it second hand devoid of a hood. Recently, while taking photographs in harsh morning sunlight I experienced a lot of flare with it while my other wide angle lens with a petal hood gave much better results. Reviews say that the original round hood for this lens was useless so I'm looking for a petal hood. I can buy 72mm screw in petal hoods without a problem but would much prefer one with a Minolta/Sony bayonet fit (to reverse it on the lens). I see the Minolta & Sony 20mm f2.8 lenses come with petal hoods and both have 72mm filter diameter. I can get a replacement lens hood for these lenses but does anyone have an idea on compatibility with my lens?? I have assumed that if the lens filter diameter is the same then the lens hood would be the same - is this a viable assumption? Any advice would be most welcome.