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Looks like Sony may be taking a run at Foveon..!!!


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I just saw this on

"Let’s start with Sony –
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is for a new Sony CMOS sensor based on the Foveon approach – each pixel capture RG&B:


“Accordingly, in order to utilize the incident light amount efficiently as well as to prevent occurrence of false colors, a method of separating colors by forming plural photodiodes in a pixel in the depth direction of a substrate has been developed.” Sony is definitely pushing hard in sensor design – as a reference they have ~
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in “solid state imaging device” so far this year."

This was taken from
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the PRAdmin put this up....if you would like more information please check out the site....

I thought it was a good article..since I use both Sony and Sigma...!!!
Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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This picture is actually showing "related art" - Foveon sensor :)

Sony patents (patent applications actually) main point IMHO is adding "verical gate" - allowing (theoretically) decrease both readout noise and color crosstalk. So have they used their "back-illuminating" approach.

According to some more informed peoples (Joseph, Laurence) opinion on other forum, such sensor design is technologically much more complex than current Foveon design and Fovoen had experimented with vertical gate too, without noticeable success.