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Love Foveon


New Member
I am new to the forum but have looked it over for about a week, all of you have some wonderful images on here.
I have been following the development of the Foveon chip since the beginning always think I will wait till the bugs are out but knew in my heart it would be the one I would want. Well it must be fate because I came across an SD10 on my local craigslist with a 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 , a 28-80mm 1:3.5-5.6 and 18-50mm 1:3.5-5.6 sigma lenes. It also came with the EF-500DG Super flash, battery grip and the guy sweetened the deal by including an SA-7N body.
All for $500.00 U.S.
So now I am off to learn all the tricks of the Sigma camera and I can't wait. This forum has been very inspiring due to some of the negative things floating around on the web, It would seem they have not really tapped the potential the way all of you have here!!
Thanks for having me here and I look forward to learning from you.



Well-Known Member
Welcome aboard Robert! I am pretty new to the Sigma and its Foveon chip too. I am learning a lot from this forum.

The camera exceeds my expectations, it really does. The color alone seems so rich and deep; and the dimensionality is an added bonus. I feel that once I get over the learning curve on the RAW processing, I should be able to produce some personally acceptable images for my empty walls.


Well-Known Member

The sigma gets a bad rap...due to...its not a point and shoot type of SLR...compared to my Nikon or Sony camera' is far behind in technology....BUT...and that is a big BUT...(no pun intended) has the best color rendition, 3D quality, and makes you apreciate photography again...

I can take about 300 to 400 photos on my Nikon or Sony and keep 1/8 to 1/5 of them...and the rest are junk or not how I intended the shot...whereas the Sigma camera's bring you back to basics where you have to think about your shot...compose it, and take the shot...and sometimes just stepping back, you realize there is actually a better shot to take....

I hope you enjoy your SD10 and a word of recargable batteries...if you can find them...1600Mah to 2000Mah....that camera loves to eat batteries for lunch...

I look forward to seeing your shots..

Tony C.


Hello Robert,

a warm welcome to you !

Don`t be irritated by reading on the net all that sigma/foveon better stick to taking foveon pictures, enjoy the quality, dynamic range in raw. Or simply have fun with a SD14/DPx camera where the menu is one of the simplest you may find nowadays !
Especially for a beginner with Sigma you will soon forget about the manual...

It`s all about taking photographs and isn`t that what photography is all about...!?!