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Lower Prices Lenses


New Member
I want to get a 24-70 2.8 lens, but I have limited funds, I was looking at the Tamron and SIgma, both are about the same price. Does anyone have any experience with either in terms of quality, sharpness, contast ????


New Member
I had the Sigma 24-70 2.8 lens and wasn't satisfied at all. Bad focusing system. With film the quality was acceptable, but in combination with my D60 it was horrible. So I sold my lens after 4 months to someone else who desperatly wanted to have that lens instead of the canon equivalent which he had already sold (stange wish but...). So if I would buy another 24-70 2.8, I would go for the canon lens.


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My response is probably only of academic interest since the question was posted way back in June. I don't own any 3rd party lenses, but from information I have gathered from reading a lot of posts about 3rd party lenses, the best lenses are apparently Tamron lenses, followed by Tokina, and then Sigma ... at least as far as they apply to Canon EOS bodies.


Good morning - I have to canon 10D and used a Tamron lens - just recently the lens quit on me - all other canon lens work fine with my camera - but a third party lens just doesn't do it. Mark


I have some 3rd party lenses that I use with my 10D. Sigma 105 macro, 50-500, and Tokina 17mm. Had to send the 105 to Sigma to be rechipped for the 10D, but they did it free and paid for postage. The 50-500 works without rechipping. Tokina charged me over $100 and kept the lens for 6 weeks. I use the 105 a lot both with the 10D and A2E (film). It produces good macros. The 50-500 I haven't had time to really test yet. However, most of my lenses are Canon, the most used being the 100-400L IS and 28-135 IS. Can't beat Canon glass (well, maybe Carl Zeiss). :)


I bought a Sigma 28-70mm2.8 lens with my 10D and have had no problems with it. I like it a lot expept for the wt.,a little heavy. I guess you pay for the 2.8 speed. I am looking to buy the Sigma 14mm 2.8 which I've read is a very sharp and good lens. Anyone own one? I did get the Canon 100mm macro lens instead of the Sigma for var.reasons. (inner focues-lens does not extend out). JGY