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M Film System


There is no contest it has to be the M6 Classic 0.72 and Summicron optics. This fulfills all my needs. I have always used 35mm format for the past 45 years shooting mainly Kodachrome II 25asa, mountain scenery and landscape but at the beginning of last year I re acquainted myself with Black and White which allows me to do my own processing again. The M6 viewfinder is so easy to use as I am becoming older and my sight is not what it was. A rangefinder is either in focus or not and one can also see outside the frame which aids composition. That coupled with the unobtrusive nature of the M6 and possibly the best optics on the planet I have all to fill my photographic needs.

I also enjoy to project Kodachrome slides onto a screen with my Leica Pradovit 300 Projector. It really does not get any better than that and I recently acquired a Leica 5 X Loupe which is so valuable on a light-box to view negs and transparencies. Yes, I am quite satisfied, all I need to do now is live up to that sort of excellence in my photography