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M lens query



Hi folks.... as i make a graceful transition from the R series into the world of M, i would like to pose some questions to those of you in the know.... first,is there such a lens as the 50mm summilux ASPH?? secondly, do you think the 50mm noctilux is workable as a full-service lens (especially if most of my shots will have adequate light or a dedicated flash)? can the superb nature of this lens be appreciated at conditions involving everyday use? or does the excessive weight defeat one of the original advantages (at least in my mind) which is portability?? any feedback will be appreciated!! Joe


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HI Joe: When it comes to M lenses you will get as many opinions as there are members on our wonderful thread.

Speaking for myself only....I traded in my Noctilux because I was not using it very often. I found the narrow depth of field at full aperture very limiting. However, the images in day to day work were very acceptable, and the lens has a very distinct and pleasant look. Perhaps our Noctilux experts....Ted, Steve, Sonny and others....would care to comment further. Of course, Ted's book, "This Is Or Work" explores the use of the Noctilux very thoroughly, and if you want to see an expert at work try to find a copy to look through or buy. Steve's and Sonny's work is also very compelling, and you will be able to see some ex&les on our thread.

I now use the new M 1.4 Asph....a fabulous lens with a wonderful rendition of color tones ( almost pastel ), and "it's own look" as well. You might want to read the reviews of both lenses at Erwin Puts' site-if the site is still up. I know several of our members here have lots of experience with the new M50/1.4, and I must admit to being positively influenced by their opinions and ex&les. And yes, the weight of the Noctilux is certainly impressive as compared to the new 50/1.4

Let us know what you decide to do, and the very best of luck.

Don't rule out the very convenient and reasonably priced M50/2.0.