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M lenses on an R7


I have the opportunity to buy an R7 body and I own only M bodies and lenses.

It is possible to use the lenses in a R7 via an adapter?, and, if so, which are the inconvenients?

the lenses are:
- Elmarit 28/2.8
- Summaron 35/2.8
- Summicron 50/2.0
- Elmar 65/3.5
- Summicron 90/2.0
- Hektor 125/2.5

thanks for the comments.



The Elmar and Hektor lens heds may be used on the R7 with the proper helical mounts and adapters, and if the 90mm Summicron has a head that unscrews from the focussing mount it may also be used as the 65mm and 125mm lens are. Each of these would be used on the R7 with stop-down metering, so you would be able to use manual metering and aperture-priority modes.


[What about the old 200mm that was used with the Visoflex I? Does anyone know what adapters would be needed to make it work on a SL or R3?]


Dear Marvin,

You will need the 16466 Visoflex I to Visoflex II adaptor and then the 14167 to fit reflex cameras from the SL onward.

Great lens.