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M2 metering


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I have an M7 and an M2. I much prefer the M2. No doubt the shutter is not as accurate, but it feels better-made and is nicer to use. I have a little Gossen digisix meter, which weighs hardly anything abd works fine, as I've heard that the Leica meter isn't very good.
Probably a crazy idea, but could the camera be modified with, say, some M5, M6 or M7 parts to have internal metering like these cameras. Leica can do some incredible modifications - has anyone ever heard of this one? It would be expensive, but would produce what I think would be the perfect camera!


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Dear Andrew,
This is something very near to impossible.
Well, thinking of what should be changed, just some thoughts:
- viewfinder system
- battery compartment
- metering circuit
- shutter curtains
- some wires...
It would probably cost (if possible) more than a new MP!
I'd stay happy with the external metering which is for sure much more precise.
To add a personal comment I shoot Velvia with my M3+Leicameter MR and I rarely miss some shot due to bad exposure: if you know how it meters (use the 90mm frameline!) and make a good interpretation it would surely be accurate.



Dear Andrew,

With the Digisix or a Voigtländer VC meter I am surprised you cannot get the desired results. IMHO through-the-lens metering is over-rated. It makes close-up and tele shots easier, however in the normal range, and external meter is just fine, and when in doubt "bracket".




I am probably mad enough to attempt this, some thoughts....

1. The metering cell and the white spot would not be too much trouble.

2. Put the electronics, battery and display (one red/green led??) onto the (now) hot shoe, this connects to the metering cell.

3. Connect to the shutter dial like the Leicameter, but this time to the electronics.

4. The 'display' could shine into the side of the eye next to the finder, on a little arm from the (now) hot shoe.

5. Make the new shutter dial bigger so you can twiddle it from the front.

6. The metering pattern on the shutter could be any pattern/colour(s) you like, even corner weighted!, or green bottom weighted for landscape.

7. Different metering patterns on the two shutter curtains.

8. The whole thing could be 3 to 5mm thick and meter on demand, not every time you press the shutter.

Sounds like fun!



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Thanks for the suggestions. I thought it was a silly idea, but it is a dream! Not sure that Huw's idea is entirely serious, but on second thoughts I could have it done and then sell the camera as unique for £50000! I'm not put off the M2, but it's just a little slower to use, and there is another thing to carry around (the meter). I also do like TTL metering - the M7 with Velvia is superb, adn I'm ashamed to say I love the auto function. It might actually be cheaper to buy an MP. How does it feel compared to an M2/M3? Thanks for the various suggestions and comments. Don't know what I'm fussing about really, as the M2 is my B&W camera, and there is more exposure latitude with B&W. I usually take an initial reading and open or close a stop or two as appropriate. Thanks again - I was hoping that somweone had already had it done for about $500!


Idea fairly serious, the metering patterns/colours where a bit of a digression though. How much room is there in an M2? might get the whole thing to fit inside, it is amazing what you can do with a flexible PCB and/or custom hard wiring. Could use a M7 top, a couple of mm of space, more than enough room. Pop an M6 back on and you have the ASA dial too. Mind you my M6 does all this now. Anyone want to lend me an M2? (semi serious)