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M6 TTL framelinelens mismatch problem


Recently, I have noticed that the 50 mm frameline does not always appear as expected when I mount my (brand new) Summicron 50/2 on my M6 TTL 0.58 body. There seems to be a certain amount of friction in the frameline selection mechanism which also appears when (with the 50 mm lens in place) I press the frameline selection lever to the right (28 mm position) and release it. The lever does not immediately snap back to the 50 mm position leaving the 28 mm frameline (or a partial (halfway) 28 mm/50 mm set of frames) in the viewfinder. Does anyone have a piece of advice on what to do? Could a drop of lubricant, judicisously applied, do the trick or is this a matter for trained service personnel?


Trained service. Wrong lubes are trouble. The sticky part may be inside.

Try working it 50 times a night for a week. It may free up. Work all camera functions monthly including every shutter speed and focus travel.