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Just bought a secondhand M6TTL. It seems to be consuming batteries at an alarming rate, even though I am careful to switch off before putting it away. Is this a known weakness or is my camera faulty? Thanks for any help/advice.


Dear Andrew

I'm not overly familiar with the intricacies of the M6TTL model. I’ve only ever taken them out for short runs. But no, battery consumption is not a regconised issue with the M6TTL, it only powers the light meter. Sounds as if something may be wrong.

BTW how many films per battery change?

Best of luck and hope you get to the bottom of you problem quickly, Craig


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I'm no Leica expert, but the battery in my M6 still seems strong after a year. Just an idea- Do you automatically crank to a new frame before putting the camera away? If so, the light meter could be switched on by something pressing on the shutter release.
If you don't cock the shutter for another shot, the light meter can't turn on.
A bit far fetched, but an idea
jeff in texas


Just a thought.
Are you certain you switch the speed dial to "OFF" each time you finish using the camera?


Michael Greenhill


Well-Known Member
Thanks for the tip Michael! Embarassingly, I had overlooked the OFF switch as well. Question to the experts. Does it matter if you turn the camera off if you haven't advanced the film? (meter inoperative).

jeff in texas
(leica newbie)


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Jeff, I'm one of those people who NEVER advances the film until I'm ready to shoot. Therefore when I put my camera away, it is never pre-wound (that applies to my M6 and my Contax1 which I've owned for 45yrs)


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Good point. I should learn that. I'm one of those idiots that click and automatically thumb the lever. My question was IF I can remember not to wind the film, is the camera technically "off", or is there battery drain unless the switch is in the OFF position?
jeff in texas


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Thank you! My batteries have lasted since I bought the M6 last year, but your link should certainly help Andrew who posted the original question. This list is amazing. Experts just hanging out all over the place!
Thanks again!
jeff in texas


I have bought my used M6 last Sep. since then I use my half used batteries and the battery cap from my Minolta X-700 SLR, so far I had run over 10 rolls of 36 ex. and the batteries still go strong. I had advanced frame everytime after a shot, and I left the shutter dial on some live position, so as to make sure I can grab a quick one anytime. My guess you probably need a trip to the service.


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If you use a soft shutter release or if anything in the case can press the shutter release, leaving the film advanced and the camera "on" will surely drain your batteries and does not need repair. The best way is to leave it unwound if you practice you can draw the camera and wind on the way to your eye. I doubt you'll ever miss a shot because the camera wasn't wound.
IMHO Have a great day!


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I'm finding it harder to find lithium batteries, which last longer than silver oxide....

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