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M8 not good enough to really use the Leica Optics


Erwin Puts wrote an article about the Leica M8. Part of his conclusion:

"...we have to admit that the superior optical imagery of the Leica lenses cannot (yet) be exploited in all dimensions. The overall performance of the M8 Optics, sensor technique and post processing) is most certainly a match for the best players in the market (the advanced and professional DSLR-models), but they cannot be beaten...."

Read full article here:

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Well-Known Member
Puts is fishing for a new sponsor since Leica no longer is one.

Next he'll be claiming that Sigma lenses have superior digital optical characteristics and proceed to demonstrate that new found fact with his uninspired and generally atrocious photography.... that is if Zeiss or Olympus doesn't pick up the tab : -)


Well-Known Member
The M8 will surely have dust problems as it is a camera on which the lenses are likely to be changed frequently. I see that it has a manual cleaning mode where the shutter stays open to allow the sensor to be cleaned.