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Macro pics with canon400d help please


New Member
i have just got a canon 400d to replace/upgrade from fuji S7000. I need to take close up photos of jewellery etc mainly and am having problems getting both the pictures to get anywhere near the old fuji's. Obviously i am used to using just the macro setting on the old camera and getting fairly close up. I have tried with the 55mm lens on the canon, and also with a 70-300mm lens that i boughht for it with the intention of mainly using this to zoom close in on the macro setting. Problem is i have to be 1.5m away to use the lond lens, and when i use the 55mm lens and get close in the lens barrel is obscuring the flash, also i need to get a little closer than i am getting but can't focus unless i am too far away. Is the fuji camera just very good at things like this, or am i missing out on something? The pictures using the canon do look very sharp and good, but no-where near the fuji's. Please help with any suggestions. thanks


Active Member
In this case you must use a dedicated macro lens. The Canon compact 50mm 2.5 and set up your lighting differently to give your subject the sparkle you want. Standard floods or even daylight bulbs can be use if set at opposite sides and angled at 45 degrees to the jewels (assuming you are using a copy stand that sets the camera directly above the jewels). Otherwise, there are ways to put flash on an extender to one side with a swivel or tilt to cover the items, but you have to have a flash cord that mates flash to camera. I'd prefer to use constant light so I could use a polarizer to adjust shine.