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Macro with OMsystem


New Member
I am working with an OM-2n body with 50/1.8 and 28/2.8 lenses. I am interrested in doing macro work (mainly plants and flowers but also insects). Untill now I have been using a +4 and a +10 close-up lens, and a macro twin flash. But the +10 lens does not give the results I want.
I would like to be able to make images in the range of normal photography to 2x macro. The equipment must be easy to use in the field.
As Olympus has a great variety of products for macro photography, I would like to know what other users think of the various macro options.

> bellows.
> telescopic auto tube.
> extension rings.
> zuiko macro lens(es) 50 mm/ 90 mm.
> third party macro lenses

I am very interrested in any recommendations and opinions about the pros and cons of different systems.

thanks in advance.


New Member
If you want ease of use in the field and from normal to 2x macro it's hard to beat the telescpoic auto tube(get one WITH the tripod mount)and the 80mm f4 macro lens.


Robin - I have a Zuiko 50mm f2 macro - great lens - but expensive. I also have a Cosina 100mm f3.5 which is not expensive, - new about £100 - manual focus (not much point in anything else) and it comes with an extension lens to give you 1:1 macro instead of the usual 0.5:1. I find this lens superb for macro work - and it has a 49mm filter thread, so Oly ring flash fits etc. I have an ex&le to share with you - take a look at the following URL - assuming the link will work directly -
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If that doesn't work - go to shutter city
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and search under my name (Harry Adam)- the image in question is called Sting. I reckon you won't be wasting any money buying the Cosina - and you may find it gives you the quality you want.


New Member
I have the 80, 135 and 50 (3.5). I really like the last of these and use it for (quasi) macro work and also as a standard lens. On ebay you should find a nice one for less than £100.

I have an autotube (it's necessary for the 80 and 135}) and would die for a tripod mount - can anyone sell me one?