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Magenta/green colour cast


Hello all forum users.
I have a DP1 and SD14 both of which have provided me with some excellent images.
I have read on some reviews that the foveon sensor can give images
with either a magenta or green cast to them for no identifiable reason. I have only had a few such occurrences but they have been difficult to rectify in either Photo Pro or Photoshop as shifting the colour balance away from magenta increases the shift to green and vice versa.
I have however found an apparent work around to the problem, whilst calibrating my printer ( Epson R1800) to give neutral grey on replacing the ink cartridges.
Reducing the magenta levels in the printer set up profile for the problem images ( saved as a user profile) seems to give an acceptable print without increasing the green.
Has anyone else had any experience/success with this method ?


Active Member
I would try using a gray card to obtain a custom white balance if possible.
I have also found that the camera seems to be sensitive to the lens being used. If I use old M42 mount prime lenses it creates a magenta cast in the center of the image and green cast to the edges. It's a problem that is caused by the IR filter.
My Sigma 18-50mm lens does not do this.


New Member
Save files as RAW and process in Lightroom this seems to cure the green/magenta casts. Once the camera processes the raw data into a JPG it is very hard to correct.