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Dear members,

we are in the final phase of optimising the forum of The software upgrade is finished and now we are heading to the next step. We are still polishing the surface a little bit, but the main focus is now to think about reorganising the forum structure, so that it is up to the current requirements in 2020 and beyond. A lot happend over the last 10 years, so we should look at every section and think about how we can improve it.

Your opninion plays an important role here.

Obviously we want to make the forum the way you like it the most. So we need input on what you would expect from a modern photocommunity forum. Whatever comes in your mind, please post it in the suggestion thread we opened expecially for this.

This is the time you can bring in your own ideas and wishes. Something you saw elsewhere or something you always wanted to have, but did not see anywhere, Now you have the chance to make a forum for your own desires. Do not miss the chance!

Here is the suggestion thread.

Your CI-Team