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OK, someone had to break the ice. I just got a 3.5 E type 2 and it came with no literature. While it doesn't look particularily complicated I will be looking for an owner's manual. There are a number of books listed on line and not being able to thumb through them I'm wondering what others think as to which (if any) are worth getting. Thanks


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"Fritz Henle's Guide to Rolleiflex Photography" is definitely a good buy. I have the 1956 edition and it covers models up to the 3.5E (type 2; Xenotar) which is the camera I have. I also have the instruction book for this camera, but I believe it's also posted on the web somewhere. Sorry, don't have the website handy right now.


This pair of links will get you to an online manual for the Rolleiflex 2.8E, applicable in many aspects to your 3.5E. The manual is for reference and historical purposes, all rights reserved. This website is copyrighted by M. Butkus of New Jersey:

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Hope this helps!